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And yes, she earned that title.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lee Hyun, and she didn't have a soul.

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She can make herself way fast, yo.


Awe: The target thinks she's neat and that everything she says is fascinating.  So convincing!
Revelation: The target is compelled to reveal their secrets to her.


Sweeten Sin: The target of this power is pushed to act out their vices with lowered inhibitions for the duration of the scene.
Indiscretion: The target is compelled to reveal the secrets of someone they are otherwise loyal to.
Familiarity Fear: The target is compelled to flee in terror from someone they are familiar with the next time they encounter them.
Passion Fugue: The target's emotional ties to their own social network and other important parts of their life are nullified.
Animus: The target's loyalties and affections are reversed, taking every positive connection in their life and turning it into a negative one.